The first ever Futility Fest was presented by Greg Barratt at the Nyabinghi in Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend of October 10-12, 2003.  This was the sixth weekend music fest at the Nyabinghi that TubeVision has been present at and it was definitely one of the best.  Of course, the camera (Sony TRV38 with 908c mic) was carried along and at least part of the set of every one of the twenty-seven bands that performed was recorded. 

To view a Futility Video - RIGHT CLICK on the RealVideo link below, then SAVE TARGET AS and DOWNLOAD a file to your machine before viewing it.  ENJOY!

Day One of Futility: October 10, 2003

These files are presented in the RealVideo format.  They can only be viewed using the RealPlayer application.  You can get a free RealPlayer by clicking HERE (look for the link that says "download free player" - currently in the upper right hand corner of the page).

Grand Ulena RealVideo 8.4 MB  - Band's Website

Day Two of Futility: October 11, 2003

Axehandle RealVideo 11.7 MB

These TubeVision clips were originally taped on a Sony miniDV camcorder (TRV38).  A Sony 908C stereo condenser microphone attached to the camera was used for capturing the audio.  Overall, this  set-up performs really well though some of the low-end bass rumblings do overwhelm the sound occasionally and cause some distortion - but that's what it's all about.

The clips were captured on the computer using Pinnacle System's PCTV Studios USB.  This hardware/software package includes a USB plug-in device through which video/audio signals can be captured as AVI files.  These files can then be edited using the Studios part of the software.  The edited files are then rendered in either RealVideo or uploaded to the World Wide Web for your red-eyed viewing pleasure.

Grand Buffet RealVideo 11 MB  - Band's Website

Pelican RealVideo 11 MB

Oxbow RealVideo 8 MB  - Band's Website


On Saturday afternoon, between Grand Buffet and Jumbo's Killcrane, the Nyabinghi presented a special  type of  Intermission Entertainment.  This is a one minute clip of what went on.  Since it involves chains, huge hooks and human flesh, the squeamish probably should take a pass on this one.

Day Three of Futility: October 12, 2003

Fuzzhead RealVideo 17 MB  - Band's Website

Stinking Lizaveta RealVideo 10 MB  - Band's Website

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