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FRACTALICIOUS.rm - 12.8 mb

Fractalicious was created not long after I bought my video editing software a few years ago.  I had taped a documentary on PBS about fractals that contained a lot of really cool psychedelic images.  I edited out all the blather and scientific double-talk leaving only the good stuff and set it to a song from the British space rock hippie band Ozric Tentacles. 

1x1 - 2.5 mb

1x1 is one of my brickmation videos (see the link to the Animated Brick Company for more).  It was created using single stud Lego bricks on a whim one afternoon a few years back when an animation experiment using a Lite Brite set didn't pan out.  I set this piece to song "Spliff Riff" by the group The Heads.  Turn it up!

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