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Here are some TubeVision video and audio clips from previous years' Emissions from the Monolith festivals.
Again and as always - ALL THANKS and ALL PRAISE to Greg, the Staff of the Nyabinghi and THE BANDS for making this the best darn music festival on the planet!


"Live on Tape"

To view the videos - RIGHT CLICK on one of the links below,  then Save Target As and then download to your computer prior to playing. 

May 26-29, 2005
Nyabinghi - Youngstown, OH
Video files in Windows Media Video (WMV) Format

Thursday 5/26
Deadbird 12 MB
Amplified Heat 8.4 MB
King Valley 9.6 MB

Friday 5/27
Beaten Back to Pure 14.5 MB
Mouth of the Architect 9.4 MB
Fistula 12 MB
Darediablo 8.5 MB
Torche 11.5 MB
Dixie Witch 11.4 MB
dot(.) 10.4 MB

Saturday 5/28
Minsk 16.7 MB
5ive 11 MB
Roadsaw 13.5 MB
Rebreather 12.3 MB
Sons of Otis 19 MB
Alabama Thunderpussy 15 MB
Weedeater 13.5 MB
Raging Slab 10.5 MB
Witchcraft 12 MB

Sunday 5/29
Solace 9.5 MB
Yob 15.4 MB
Stinking Lizaveta 13 MB
Meatjack 11.2 MB

Emissions 6 - May 27-30, 2004

The video files are presented in the RealVideo format.  They can only be viewed using the RealPlayer application.  You can get a free RealPlayer by clicking HERE. Sincere apologies to those this format excludes.   MP3 files are available for some songs!

THURSDAY 5-27-2004
Zebulon Pike
"The White Light of a Black Star" Real 14 MB
RealVideo 7 MB

FRIDAY 5-28-2004
"Forever My Queen" RealVideo 5.5 MB

SATURDAY  5-29-2004
The Mighty Nimbus
"Drinkin' on a Pile of Skulls" RealVideo 9 MB
Debris Inc with Wino
"Born Too Late" RealVideo 14.5 MB
"Born Too Late" mp3 5 MB
"Dying Inside" Realvideo 13 MB
"Dying Inside" mp3 5 MB
The Hidden Hand
"Falconstone" RealVideo 7 MB
Kung Pao
"Truckstop" RealVideo 9 MB

SUNDAY  5-30-2004
"Ether" RealVideo 13 MB
RealVideo 7 MB
"Devil Rides In" Realvideo 13.5 MB

These 2004 and 2005 TubeVision clips were originally taped on a Sony miniDV camcorder (TRV38).  A Sony 908C stereo condenser microphone attached to the camera was used for capturing the audio in '04 and an Audio Technica AT822 mic was used in '05.  Use of an attenuator cord in 2005 helped the quality of the audio considerably.

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