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One of the cool developments in TubeVision activities this past year has been the opportunity on several occasions to make up a stack of homemade DVDs for bands to sell while on tour.  This has been awesome in a couple of different ways - friends in bands have been able to earn some much needed scratch while out on the road and it's been gratifying to know that folks consider the efforts of TubeVision worth shelling out a few bucks.  A lot of good feedback from people about these various projects has been received and is much appreciated.

In these cases when the bands sold the DVDs they kept 100% of the money given to them.  Offers for reimbursement were turned down and instead permission was received to try and sell a few copies of the discs to recoup expenses. 

Below is a list of DVDs that were previously provided to the bands to sell at shows.  There are just a few copies left of each of these and they are available for $5 each plus $2 for shipping (per order not disc)

PAYMENT: PayPal can be used to send funds.  The address to use is paypal AT tubevision.com.  Don't forget to say which disc you are ordering. 

SOLACE 2004 - Two complete sets from 2004 including Solace's amazing appearance at S.H.o.D. VI.  These DVD-Rs were professionally copied and have the title printed on them.

VALKYRIE: Ridin' Live 2005   - Two complete sets by Valkyrie 2.0 (before the current rhythm section changeup) recorded last year in D.C.  Includes almost all of the songs from their recently released debut full-length.

DEADBIRD: Live at Emissions from the Monolith VII - Day One May 26, 2005.  The set that launched Emissions 7 on Thursday night last year.  Crush yo' skull.

DELICIOUS: Live at Emissions from the Monolith VII - Day Two May 28, 2005.  Amazing stream of jamming (but the good kind) that will have your head spinning. 

DEBRIS INC: Live at Emissions from the Monolith VI - May 29, 2004.  Includes special appearance by Wino singing two St. Vitus songs with the band.  Also has Jimmy Bower on drums.

FYI: These are all DVD-Rs in NTSC and Region 1 format.  Each one comes with a cover that fits a slimline jewel case.


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